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RChobby Lab was established in 2019. Our mission has always been to simplify and demystify the world of remote control hobbies.

We do this by providing comprehensive learning guides, unbiased reviews, and essential resources for anyone intrigued by the world of remote control vehicles and FPV drones. Whether you are a newbie just starting to explore or a seasoned enthusiast looking for the latest updates, our blog is the go-to hub for you.

Our editorial team has been immersed in this field for over five years and they bring a wealth of hands-on experience to every piece of content we produce.

Their backgrounds range from managing brick-and-mortar hobby shops to coaching FPV drone enthusiasts, so rest assured that the guidance you receive here is informed, tried, and true.

Our goal is to make this fascinating hobby accessible to everyone and to create a supportive and knowledgeable community that shares our love for all things remote control.

We believe that everyone can, and should, enjoy the thrill and satisfaction that comes from commanding these amazing machines.

We’re so glad you found us, and we hope you stick around! Dive into our articles, ask questions, share your experiences, and join us as we journey through the remarkable world of remote control vehicles and FPV drones together.

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