10 Best RTR (ready-to-run) RC Cars of 2024

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Remote control (RC) cars provide hours of fun for hobbyists of all ages. From backyard bashers to competitive racers, RTR (ready-to-run) RC cars make it easy to get driving right out of the box.

As 2024 kicks off, a wide range of new RTR RC cars have hit the market. Ranging from realistic replicas to extreme stunt trucks, these fresh releases represent the best of RC innovation and performance.

To help you navigate the top new options, here’s my countdown of the 10 best new RTR RC cars of 2024:

10. Traxxas Slash 4X4

The ever-popular Traxxas Slash gets a significant upgrade in its latest incarnation. Already known for its epic bashability and aftermarket support, the updated Slash 4X4 adds a host ofenhancements:

  • Officially designated the “Slash 4X4 VXL Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck with TSM”
  • Equipped with Traxxas’ clipless body fastening system for easy on/off access
  • Heavy-duty upgrade components like steel turnbuckles and shock caps
  • Smooth, high-speed brushless power system
  • Large pin tires mounted on color-matched wheels
  • Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) helps new drivers control the power

With a more refined design and user-friendly updates, the new-for-2023 Slash 4X4 offers outstanding short course truck bashing at $269.99. Traxxas also released redesigned Bandit, Rustler, and Stampede 4X4s with the same upgrades.

The redesigned Traxxas Slash 4X4 adds stability, durability, and style upgrades while keeping signature Slash bash-ability.

9. Redcat Racing Custom 1953 Chevy 3100 Hauler

Realistic scale RC trucks don’t get much cooler than the Redcat Racing Custom 1953 Chevy 3100 Hauler. This officially licensed ’53 Chevy pickup packs scale details like a full stock bed with tailgate, detailed Chevy emblems, chrome accents, and an opening hood to reveal a detailed V8 engine.

With working headlights and taillights ready for LED bulbs, the Custom Hauler 1953 Chevy replica can hit the backyard trail as-is or used as a scale truck starting point. Customizers will love options like:

  • Fully-licensed 1953 Chevy body with authentic details
  • Optional light kits for headlights/taillights
  • Detailed interior with seating for driver and passenger figures
  • Operable suspensions with leaf springs and multi-link configuration
  • Working cargo bed to haul other 1/10 scale RC cars
  • Optional lift kit raises ground clearance for larger tires

For a hobby-grade RC that will turn heads with its stunning replica body, the Redcat Racing 1953 Chevy pickup is hard to beat. Best of all, it retails for only $549.99!

8. Exceed RC 1:10 Scale Ford Puma Rally Car

Rally racing fans can celebrate this officially-licensed Ford rally rig from Exceed RC. Patterned after the real-life M-Sport Ford Puma rally car, this scale racer captures the sleek, speedy look of modern World Rally Championship entries.

The officially-licensed bodywork looks fantastic with complete sponsor decals and Ford badging on the grille. Underneath, capable rally car components include:

  • Officially licensed 2023 Ford Puma WRC body
  • 4WD shaft-driven drivetrain for all-surface traction
  • 3mm thick chassis rails handle jumps and rough landings
  • Gear differentials supply smooth cornering and stability
  • Brushless power system generates rapid acceleration
  • Scale details like side mirrors and rear wing

For around $460, there’s a lot to like in this Ford Puma replica. If you’re seeking real rally car style along with realistic performance, Exceed RC built an exciting option with this 2023 rally entry.

7. Vanquish VS4-10 Rock Crawler

Serious scale crawling calls for a rig like the Vanquish VS4-10 Ready-to-Run 4WD rock crawler. As a high-end RTR crawler, Vanquish set out to blend performance, durability, and scale authenticity in one package.

Configuration options make the VS4-10 a versatile foundation for custom builds or backyard crawling. Start with your choice of:

  • Straight vs. portal axles
  • Dig unit for extreme articulation
  • Various body styles from pickups to SUVs

Every model features capabilities like:

  • Stable, low-speed 4WD with 3-channel control
  • CroMo steel driveshafts, G8 axles, metal gears
  • Spektrum DX2E radio with steering/throttle/dig channels
  • Light bar and convoy/off-road lights included

Priced at $399.99, the Vanquish VS4-10 delivers premium crawling abilities ready for off-road action.

Ready for rugged terrain, the Vanquish VS4-10 is a premium RTR scale rock crawler.

6. Arrma Outcast 4S BLX Stunt Truck V3

When going big is the only option, experienced RC drivers know the Arrma Outcast 4S BLX is hard to beat. After upgrading to a longer chassis in V2, the latest V3 Outcast 4S BLX stunt truck adds a center differential for even better power distribution.

Weighing under 7 pounds, the lightweight Outcast 4S generates massive stunts from its 1/8 brushless motor and 100+ mph top speeds with optional 6S power. Standout features include:

  • Lightweight, durable composite chassis frame
  • Waterproof electronics for all-weather bashing
  • 20mm aluminum shocks with threaded preload adjustment
  • 13mm wheel hexes for durability
  • Multiple battery configurations from 4S to 6S power
  • Arrma toughness to withstand massive jumps and crashes

Priced very reasonably for a 4WD brushless basher with premium components, the V3 Arrma Outcast 4S BLX retails for $449.99. If you seek ballistic backyard stunts, it delivers insane air and adrenaline.

5. Traxxas TRX-4 High Mark Edition

For a replica truck that’s beautifully realistic and an exciting trail performer, it’s tough to beat Traxxas’ officially-licensed 1979 Chevy K10. Part of their capable TRX-4 scaler platform, the High Mark Edition Chevy pickup impresses on multiple fronts.

Traxxas nailed the officially licensed 1979 Chevrolet K10 body with precisely replicated contours, badging, bumpers, mirrors, trim and more. Underneath, the TRX-4 High Mark chassis brings classic capability with:

  • Portal axles for impressive articulation and slow-speed control
  • Two-speed transmission switches between low and high ranges
  • High/low range locking differentials
  • Light bar and scale accessories like hi-lift jack
  • Clipless body mounting for quick on/off

While the scale looks impress right out of the box, functional performance perks like the two-speed transmission supply authentic driving experiences on the trail. Thanks to the clipless body mount, it’s simple to access the electronics. At $549.99 MSRP, the 1979 Chevy K10 TRX-4 achieves an immersive blend of scale and performance.

4. Redcat Racing Gen8 BAJA RAY 2.0 Desert Truck

Designed for high speed runs across open dirt, the Redcat Racing Gen8 BAJA RAY 2.0 pulls from Trophy Truck and Pre-Runner inspiration. This RTR desert racer really earns its “Desert Truck” name with long suspension travel, ample ground clearance, meaty tires, and composed high-speed handling.

Its composite chassis includes thoughtful components like:

  • Officially licensed 1966 Ford Bronco or 2017 Ford Raptor SVT body
  • Waterproof XL-5HV ESC and 550 brushed motor
  • Functional 4WD with front solid axle and rear trailing arm
  • Long travel oil-filled shocks with adjustable preload
  • LED headlights/taillights and interior lighting
  • Spektrum DX2E transmitter and waterproof SRS6000 receiver

Priced below $600, the Redcat Gen8 Baja Ray 2.0 makes realistic desert running easily accessible. Between its sporty style and duning abilities, this officially-licensed rig feels right at home blasting through dirt and sand.

Ready for dune running, the Redcat Racing Gen8 Baja Ray 2.0 Desert Truck brings realistic style and performance.

3. ARRMA Big Rock 4×4 6S BLX Monster Truck

Sometimes going bigger IS better, as evidenced by the enormous ARRMA Big Rock 4×4 6S BLX. Built on ARRMA’s 6S-capable chassis, the Big Rock lives up to its name with mammoth 1/5 scale dimensions.

  • Massive size for maximum monster truck thrills
  • Heavy-duty components take 6S brushless abuse
  • Waterproof electronics for sand, snow, mud running
  • Ultra-plush suspension soaks up big landings
  • ARRMA toughness against crashes and cartwheels
  • Wheel/tire combo eats up rocky, rough terrain

While quick it is not, the Big Rock supplies STEM-crushing power paired to a heavy but capable platform. Despite its imposing weight and size, ARRMA’s finesse helps it handle obstacles off-road and in the air beyond expectation. Plan on spending $699.99 for this radio-operated monster truck beast.

2. Yeah Racing! RMX 2.5 Readyset Drift Car

Despite limited inventory, the Yeah Racing RMX 2.5 Readyset drift machine earns its runner-up spot. Building on their popular RMX 2.0 drift platform, Yeah Racing reworked the 2.5 chassis for optimal balance and control.

Enhancements over the 2.0 configuration include:

  • Lightweight chassis with integrated weight bias
  • Centered battery placement for ideal mass centralization
  • Revised suspension geometry for reduced traction rolling
  • ESC relocated to rear for better weight distribution
  • Heavy-duty rear LCG servo mount

With authentic JDM style bodies from Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more, the RMX 2.5 perfectly blends form and function. Brushless or brushed power systems supply responsive slide-happy performance to match its Japanese drift machine looks.

Despite high demand that’s kept replenishment stock low, the base RMX 2.5 retails around $299.99. For accessible drift thrills with JDM authenticity, the 2.5 chassis delivers loads of tire-shredding fun.

1. Losi LMT Grave Digger 1:5 Scale Monster Truck

New from Losi for 2023, the LMT Grave Digger feels more alive than any RC monster truck before it. The officially-licensed graphics recreate Dennis Anderson’s iconic black-and-green mud slinger atop Losi’s LMT (Losi Monster Truck) beast platform.

Running on 8S brushless power with two 20-pound servos supplying steering and sound unit actuation, Grave Digger grows to 1/5 scale. Standout specifications:

  • Officially-Licensed Grave Digger graphics
  • Sound unit with engine revving/backfiring noises
  • modular chassis design allows for repairs/upgrades
  • Working LED light bars front and rear
  • Massive 1/5 scale ground clearance
  • Foams tires modeled after real monster truck treads

Despite the intricacy required for proportional steering and sound integration, Losi retained their reputation for durability. With working LEDs and a sound system that revs and backfires, the LMT Grave Digger takes RC monster truck realism farther than ever.

As the newest generation of Losi advanced monster truck engineering, the LMT Grave Digger retails for $1,800 as a ready-to-run model. It delivers the most complete RC monster truck experience yet with no assembly required.

The officially-licensed Losi LMT Grave Digger brings Dennis Anderson’s iconic monster truck to life with 1:5 scale, sound unit, LEDs, and extreme proportions.

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With more car options than could fit in a top 10 list, 2024 promises loads of RC fun ahead. Between the realism and excitement packed into these ready-to-run rigs, RC enthusiasts have awesome new choices in every car category.

Let the RC adventures begin!

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