DJI Unveils Their Latest Drone: DJI Air 3

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Leading drone manufacturer DJI launched the DJI Air 3 on July 25, the latest addition to the Air series.

DJI Creative Director Ferdinand Wolf said, “The DJI Air 3 is the first drone in our Air series that offers professional features such as dual primary cameras and omnidirectional obstacle sensing while retaining its lightweight features and weighing just 720 grams, providing more freedom and flexibility.”

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DJI Air 3: Key Feature

1. Dual Primary Cameras

The DJI Air 3 features a dual camera system, including a wide-angle camera and a 3x medium-to-long focal length camera.

Both cameras offer 48 million pixel photos, delivering not just realistic details but also support for post-editing cropping, which is convenient for re-composition. Additionally, it can directly output 4K/60fps HDR video at high frame rates.

2. Extended Flight Time

The new DJI Air 3 has a 48% increase in battery life, now capable of 46 minutes of flight time. Pilots might still have a full battery after a round-trip flight!

3. Omni-directional Obstacle Sensing + O4 Video Transmitter

The DJI Air 3 is equipped with a pair of fisheye lenses on the front and back, allowing for front, back, left, right, and upward sensing. When it detects an obstacle, it can actively avoid it.

The O4 video transmitter not only provides a transmission distance of up to 20 kilometers but also supports up to 1080p/60fps live streaming. The higher frame rate ensures a smoother viewing experience.

4. One-Click Vertical Shooting

The DJI Air 3 supports 2.7k vertical shooting, allowing you to use the wide-angle camera to showcase rich scenes, as well as the 3x medium-to-long focal length camera to capture specific photos.

In addition, vertical videos are output in a 4:3 ratio so that you can share them directly on social media without cropping.

5. Others

Night Mode: Thanks to the noise reduction algorithm, the DJI Air 3 can capture up to 4K/30fps clean footage in low-light environments.

Hyperlapse: Select from four sub-modes of Free, Circle, Course Lock, and Waypoint to shoot up to 4K horizontal or 2.7K vertical timelapse footage.

DJI Air 3: Price and Availability

You can order the DJI Air 3 from and its authorized retail partners, with shipping starting July 25.

  • DJI Air 3 (DJI RC-N2) for the retail price of $1,099
  • DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC-N2) for the retail price of $1,349
  • DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2) for the retail price of $1,549

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