FPV Goggles

What are FPV Goggles?

FPV (First-Person View) goggles are wearable display devices used by drone or radio-controlled vehicle pilots to experience a real-time, immersive view from the perspective of their aircraft or vehicle.

These goggles typically receive a wireless video feed from a camera mounted on the drone or RC car, allowing pilots to navigate, perform maneuvers, and race more effectively.

Why are FPV Goggles Important?


FPV goggles provide an immersive, first-person view that makes pilots feel as if they’re sitting in the cockpit of the drone or driving the RC car themselves. This immersive experience is a significant part of the enjoyment and thrill of fpv flying or rc car racing.

Precision and Control

The real-time video feed from the FPV goggles allows pilots to accurately navigate their drone or RC car through tight spaces, perform complex maneuvers, and make quick decisions based on the immediate surroundings.

Competitive Advantage

In fpv drone racing or rc car racing competitions, pilots using FPV goggles often have an edge over those relying on a monitor or smartphone screen. The goggles provide a more focused and immersive view, enabling pilots to react faster and make better decisions during high-speed races.


FPV goggles can help maintain a safer flying or driving experience by allowing pilots to see obstacles and potential hazards from the perspective of their drone or RC car, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions.

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