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Are you tired of testing RC cars around your home, or do you need to enter a big race to improve your driving?

We created this map tool and list so that you can quickly and easily find RC tracks near you.

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Covering all 50 States and every major city in the USA, let us help you find RC tracks in your area.

RC tracks near me: How Does the Directory Work?

The ‘RC tracks near me’ directory is simple to use! Just tap on the state you live in on the US map above, and you’ll be given a list of the best places to run your RC car. This address list will tell you the details of the track, such as the address name, contact number, and even the website!

What are RC tracks?

RC tracks are designated areas or courses specifically designed for remote-control or radio-control vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, or even drones.

The tracks typically feature various obstacles, jumps, and turns that challenge the skills of the RC vehicle operator, providing a fun and competitive environment for enthusiasts to race, practice, and improve their driving skills.

Types of RC tracks

For RC racers, the tracks should be varied. RC tracks are often designed with a variety of areas and obstacles to accommodate different types of RC vehicles and driving preferences. Some common types of RC tracks include:

1. Off-Road Tracks

These tracks are designed for off-road RC vehicles like buggies, trucks, and truggies. They usually consist of dirt, gravel, or grass surfaces and incorporate various jumps, bumps, and obstacles that challenge drivers’ skills.

2. On-Road Tracks

These tracks are intended for on-road RC vehicles, such as touring cars and drift cars. They typically feature smooth, paved surfaces with tight corners and chicanes, emphasizing precision driving and speed control.

3. Rock Crawling Courses

These tracks are specifically designed for RC rock crawlers, focusing on technical driving and obstacle navigation. They usually feature rocks, steep inclines, and other obstacles that challenge the vehicle’s ability to climb and maneuver.

4. Oval Tracks

These tracks are designed for oval racing and usually feature a continuous loop. They can be made of various materials, such as dirt, asphalt, or carpet, and cater to both on-road and off-road vehicles.

5. Drift Tracks

These tracks cater to RC drift cars, with smooth surfaces and multiple corners, allowing drivers to practice and perfect their drifting skills.

6. Drone Racing Courses

These tracks cater to FPV (First Person View) drone racing, featuring a series of gates, tunnels, and obstacles that challenge pilots to navigate their drones at high speeds through the course.

Why leave the house?

In fact, many people choose to go to a large remote control track to test their RC car.

Here are the main advantages of going to a local RC track.

  1. Improve your racing skills – RC tracks provide a controlled environment where enthusiasts can practice and improve their driving skills. With various track layouts and obstacles, drivers can hone their steering, throttle control, and maneuvering abilities, ultimately becoming better RC vehicle operators.
  2. Make more friends with the same hobbies – Going to an RC track allows individuals to meet and interact with fellow hobbyists who share their passion for RC vehicles. This creates a sense of community, enabling them to exchange tips, discuss setups, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  3. Gain expertise and resources for Remote Control World – RC tracks often have experienced staff or regulars who can provide valuable advice and assistance to newcomers. In addition, some tracks may also have an on-site hobby shop that sells parts, accessories, and even offers repair services, making it convenient for participants to maintain and upgrade their vehicles.
  4. Avoid neighbor complaints – If you buy a gas or nitro remote control car, the loud engine sound is very exciting, but the loud noise for a long time will cause dissatisfaction from others. The RC tracks offer a safe and controlled environment specifically designed for remote control vehicles. This minimizes the risk of accidents, vehicle damage, or disturbing others who may be using the same area for different activities.
  5. Competitive racing – RC tracks often host organized races and events, allowing participants to compete against others in a friendly and structured environment. This fosters a sense of accomplishment and helps motivate individuals to continually improve their skills.

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