iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2 Review

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Reviewed by Kristen Ward

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FPV drones have come a long way in recent years. What used to be a niche hobby is now an exciting sport that appeals to everyone from beginners to professionals.

One of the leaders in FPV drone technology is iFlight. Their new Chimera7 Pro V2 is an impressive long range FPV drone that offers incredible performance.

In this in-depth flight review, we’ll take a close look at the features and flight characteristics of the Chimera7 Pro V2.

Overview of the iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2

The iFlight Chimera 7 is a 7-inch quadcopter designed for long range FPV flights. It’s built with high quality components and the latest technology to provide an amazing flying experience. Here are some of the standout features of this drone:

  • 7-inch propellers provide excellent stability and lifting power
  • Powerful motors optimized for 6S batteries
  • DJI Air Unit with dual antennas for long range video transmission
  • Large battery capacity for long flight times (up to 30 minutes)
  • GPS for position hold and return to home functions
  • GoPro mount for recording HD video

Overall, iFlight hit a home run with this release. The Chimera 7 is versatile enough to handle just about any style of long range FPV flying. Novices can safely explore far and wide with the GPS functionality while experts can truly push their limits. I can’t wait to take this drone out on more adventures!

For anyone looking to move up to larger FPV drones, or wanting to tap the benefits of digital video, the iFlight Chimera7 Pro absolutely earns my recommendation.

iFlight clearly put their expertise into making this one of the finest turnkey 7-inch FPV platforms available today.

My First impression with the iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2

iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2 HD Key specs

Here is a full rundown of the key specifications for the iFlight Chimera 7 Pro V2 O3 version:

Flight ControllerBLITZ F722 Flight Controller
ESCBLITZ E55 4-IN-1 2-6S 55A ESC
ReceiverPNP, TBS NanoRX, ELRS 2.4G, ELRS 915M
FPV CameraDJI O3 Air Unit
VTXDJI O3 Air Unit
GPSGPS + Galileo
Motor KV Rating1280 KV (lower than GEPRC Crocodile’s 1350 KV for efficiency)
Flight ModesAngle, Horizon, Acro
Flight TimeUp to 30 minutes (with recommended 6S 5500mah Li-Ion battery)
Transmission RangeUp to 10km

What’s in the box?

1 x Chimera7 Pro V2 6S HD

2 x Battery pad

2 x 7.5 inch Prop(Pairs)

2 x Battery strap

Testing the iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2: flight performance

More Uses for 7-inch Quads

Digital vs. Analog FPV Systems

Who should buy iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2?

iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2 Price

iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2 Alternatives


Final verdict on the iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2

The iFlight Chimera7 Pro V2 is an exceptional long range FPV drone. It provides an incredible mix of speed, range, filmability, and durability in a high quality package.

Both beginners and experts will find a lot to love with this versatile quadcopter.

iFlight continues to push FPV technology forward and theChimera7 Pro V2 is an impressive evolution of their previous designs. The use of 7-inch props unlocks a whole new level of performance that makes long range flying more accessible and enjoyable. Plus it just looks cool in the air!

If you’re looking for your next long range FPV rig, be sure to consider the Chimera7 Pro V2. We can confidently recommend this drone as one of the best options on the market today.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions about this quadcopter.

Happy flying!

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