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Reviewed by Richard Hargrave

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Drones have come a long way in recent years, evolving from hobbyist toys into sophisticated flying machines capable of incredible speeds, acrobatics, and cinema-quality aerial footage.

As technology improves, each new generation of drones promises big performance gains over their predecessors. One of the most anticipated releases in the FPV drone world this year has been the iFlight Nazgul5 Evoque.

This powerful new quadcopter aims to push the limits of what a ready-to-fly FPV drone can do.

In this in-depth review, we’ll closely examine the features and real-world flight performance of the Nazgul5 Evoque.

We’ll compare it to other popular FPV drones on the market, highlight who this quadcopter is best suited for, and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your aerial adventures.

Overview and First Impressions

The Nazgul5 Evoque is the latest evolution in iFlight’s popular Nazgul series of pre-built FPV quads. iFlight is known for making high quality, performance-focused drones that appeal to experienced pilots, and the Nazgul5 Evoque follows suit.

At a glance, this new variant stands out with its unique styling and massive size. It dwarfs the previous Nazgul5 model and reminds us more of a mini racing drone than a typical 5” freestyle quad. The Nazgul5 Evoque boasts a number of upgrades over its predecessor:

  • Redesigned frame with longer arms and a “dead cat” style shape
  • More powerful motors (1500KV)
  • DJI Air Unit with 8K video transmission
  • Ability to record 4K/60fps onboard video
  • F7 flight controller and 55A ESC
  • Custom machined aluminum camera cage

Clearly, iFlight put a huge emphasis on performance and protection with this build. The Nazgul5 Evoque comes ready to fly with the DJI FPV system pre-installed and tuned. This makes it easy for new pilots to get in the air quickly, while still offering plenty of tuning options for advanced users.

Out of the box, the Nazgul5 Evoque makes an imposing impression. It has an angular, stealth fighter look thanks to its dead cat style frame and blacked-out components. The machined aluminum camera cage gives it a refined appearance and provides ample protection for the DJI camera. At 624g takeoff weight, this is definitely not a small or lightweight drone. The beefy arms and rigid frame make it feel very solid and durable.

Overall, the Nazgul5 Evoque looks and feels like a high end FPV machine right off the shelf. Let’s dig deeper into the components and build quality.

Detailed Overview of Components and Build Quality


The Nazgul5 Evoque features an all-new dead cat style frame designed specifically for this quad. The carbon fiber arms measure 5.5 inches tip-to-tip, making this officially a 5” prop class drone. However the stretched out dead cat shape gives it a wingspan more akin to a 6” racer. The elongated arms move the props further out of view from the video camera. Four aluminum standoffs help maintain rigidity.

Build quality on the frame is excellent. The 4mm thick arms feel very solid and rigid with no flex. iFlight uses quality materials and a clean layout, with the ESC wires routed cleanly through the center plate. The only downside of the frame is the lack of protective side-guards, which are commonly seen on freestyle quads. The Nazgul5 Evoque will mainly appeal to intermediate and expert pilots, but crashes can happen and the arms are exposed. Beginners may want to add aftermarket guards for extra protection when learning to fly.


Power comes from four iFlight XING-E 1508 3600KV brushless motors. These are among the best performing motors in their size class, known for their high torque and efficiency. The 1500KV rating gives them good speed on 4S and insane thrust on 6S batteries. The bells are small and protected for durability.

Each motor gets a 20×20 mounting pad, providing a sturdy and vibration-free connection to the frame. There is plenty of room between each motor for cooling. No issues or shortcomings with the motors here, iFlight made an excellent choice to match the high performance of this quad.

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

The Nazgul5 Evoque uses a stack consisting of a Furious F7 flight controller and Tekko55 4-in-1 ESC. This ESC can support up to 6S (25V) input power and deliver 55 amps of current to each motor – ample power for the strong motors used here.

The ESC and flight controller are installed in a protected area at the rear of the frame, shielded from crashes. Wires are neatly routed and solder joints appear clean and well done. No concerns with the electronics installation on our test model.

FPV Camera

The real star of the show here is the DJI Air Unit camera and video transmitter. This all-in-one FPV camera system integrates an 8K video downlink and 4K/60fps onboard recording in a compact unit. iFlight mounted the Air Unit in a CNC machined aluminum cage for maximum protection – a very nice design touch.

Image quality from the DJI camera is simply amazing, providing a clear and lag-free video feed even at long range. It’s noticeably better than older analog FPV systems. Recording onboard 4K video is easy with a microSD card slot built into the Air Unit. No need to mount a separate action camera like a GoPro.

The camera points straight ahead and sits in a recessed pocket at the front of the frame. This prevents propellers from coming into view, even when using an ultra wide camera angle. The only negative is that the vertical camera angle is fixed. There is no way to adjust it more upward or downward without modifying the mount. But the stock angle provides a good general purpose field of view.

FPV Antennas

To get the most range and penetration from the DJI Air Unit video system, the Nazgul5 Evoque includes two Lollipop circularly polarized antennas mounted at the rear. These antennas work quite well, providing about 2km of solid video range in our testing. The placement makes them less likely to get damaged in crashes too.

Flight Controller

As mentioned above, the Nazgul5 Evoque uses the Furious F7 flight controller. This is a proven, reliable FC with fast processing power and all the features expected in a high end drone – RPM filtering, PID tuning, blackbox logging, etc.

The Nazgul5 Evoque ships pre-tuned and ready to fly. For those wanting to tweak settings, it’s running Betaflight 4.3 which offers advanced tuning options. iFlight made sensible default choices for the PIDs and filters to provide good handling right off the shelf. Even in acro mode it flies very smoothly. Connecting to Betaflight via USB is simple for those who want to customize the quad further.


In terms of features, the Nazgul5 Evoque brings some great functionality:

Plug-and-play DJI FPV system – Having a tuned and working FPV system right out of the box makes getting the drone in the air extremely quick and easy. Just add a battery and radio controller.

8K HD Video Transmission – The DJI Air Unit has incredible video range and clarity, making it easy to fly far without losing sight of the quad.

Onboard 4K/60fps Recording – Capture cinema-quality footage without mounting a separate action camera. Recording to the microSD card is convenient.

F7 Flight Controller – The latest processors provide silky smooth performance and flight control authority. Tons of tuning options for experts.

6S Capable – This quad can run on up to 6S LiPo batteries for eye-watering speed and power when you want it. Most competitors only support 4S maximum.

Flexible Battery Mounting – The frame accommodates batteries up to 6S 4000mAh, offering 5-8 minute flight times.

LED Lighting System – Programmable RGB LEDs on the arms give the Nazgul5 an awesome look, especially for night flying. Really makes it stand out.

Replaceable Components – Motors, ESCs, flight controller, and other parts are replaceable if needed. Nice for maintenance and repairs.

Spare Parts Availability – As a popular model, spare parts like motors and frames are easy to source. Good for repairing crash damage.

Initial Setup

For initial setup, the Nazgul5 Evoque lives up to its plug-and-play design. Just a few simple steps are needed to get it flying:

  1. Install the props. The motors are marked with rotation direction so this is foolproof.
  2. Bind your radio transmitter to the quad. The drone is compatible with most major transmitters including FrSky, Spectrum, FlySky, Futaba, and JR Protocols.
  3. Update the DJI firmware via USB cable if desired. Not required but nice for the latest features.
  4. Verify the battery voltage matches the voltage of the drone (4S-6S).
  5. Install battery, arm motors, and fly! No soldering or complex configuration needed.

For advanced users, connecting via USB to tweak settings in Betaflight is easy too. The Nazgul5 Evoque offers plug-and-play convenience without locking away any tuning capabilities.

Flying Experience and Performance Results

This is where the Nazgul5 Evoque really shines. It delivers an absolutely incredible flying experience that leaves other bind-and-fly drones in the dust! Here are the key things we noticed from its flight characteristics:

Power – On 6S batteries, the Nazgul5 has basically unlimited vertical climb rate. It will shriek skyward like a rocket. Thrust is astonishing. Surprisingly, it remains flyable and controllable when pinned at full throttle.

Speed – Wide open on 6S the quad hit an indicated 93 mph on a GPS speedometer in level flight. Fast enough to leave most pilots in the dust! Even on 4S it hits over 70 mph.

Agility – The Nazgul5 feels nimble and responsive for its size. Cyclic rates can be increased in Betaflight to make it even snappier. Small stick movements translate into immediate flips and rolls.

Acro Performance – This is where the magic happens. The power, speed, and agility combine to let the Nazgul5 Evoque perform almost any acrobatic maneuver effortlessly. Massive power loops, high-speed split S turns, even inverted hover-type flying is achievable with practice.

Cinematic Flying – The smooth DJI HD footage and stable feel also make the Nazgul5 Evoque fun for slower, cinematic routines. It can carry large beginner-friendly GoPro-style cameras in the spare mounting space up front. Nice versatility.

Range – Using the DJI FPV ecosystem including goggles, we achieved over 4km of video range – enough to fly well beyond visual line of sight safely. Impressive performance from the HD system.

Battery Life – Flight times ranged from 4-7 minutes on 4S and 5-6 minutes on 6S. Quite good given the high power system. Larger batteries can extend this further.

Durability – Our review model held up to repeated hard crashes onto grass with minimal damage. The tough frame protects the core components well. Replacement arms are inexpensive too.

Overall the Nazgul5 Evoque provides stellar speed and acro performance that rivals (or exceeds) many custom built quads. Huge power, great efficiency, and a durable frame make this drone an absolute thrill to fly. Intermediate and expert pilots will appreciate what this quad is capable of, especially for racing or freestyle.

Who Should Buy the iFlight Nazgul5 Evoque FPV Drone?

The Nazgul5 Evoque is a specialty quad, best suited for certain types of pilots:

FPV Racing Pilots – The sheer speed and power of this drone make it ideally suited for FPV racing. It’s likely one of the fastest RTF options available from a major manufacturer today. Durability is excellent too. If you enter competitions, the Nazgul5 Evoque needs to be on your short list.

Freestyle Pilots – For flying acrobatic routines and flowing through technical obstacle courses, the Nazgul once again shines. Maneuverability is fantastic and it can haul massive power through tricks. Fun and capable freestyle performer.

Aggressive Acro Fliers – If you love ripping through the sky at full throttle, throwing intense acrobatics, and pushing limits, this quad delivers. The power and strength leans toward an aggressive pilot. It also makes repeat maneuvers easy to practice.

Intermediate and Expert Pilots – This is not a drone for beginners. The high speed capability demands at least intermediate-level sticks. But in experienced hands, the Nazgul5 Evoque unlocks incredible acro potential. It will reward pilots’ skills as they improve.

The Nazgul5 Evoque is less ideal for:

Cinematic Videography – While it can carry a GoPro, the handling leans more toward acro than buttery smooth cinema flying. There are better drones optimized for this like the DJI Avata.

Beginners – Brand new pilots would likely find this drone overwhelming. A more basic model with prop guards like the Tinyhawk 3 is a better choice for beginners learning to fly.

Long Range Cruisers – With flight times capped around 5-7 minutes, the Nazgul5 Evoque favors a more aggressive pilot who doesn’t stay airborne too long. Other drones will fly longer.

Cost and Final Verdict

With an MSRP around $700 including the DJI HD FPV system, the Nazgul5 Evoque is very reasonably priced given its stellar performance. The included video system alone is worth $500-600. As a high-end RTF racing and freestyle focused FPV drone, it delivers incredible value.

Our final verdict is that the iFlight Nazgul5 Evoque is an outstanding ready-to-fly FPV quadcopter, earning our strong recommendation. The plug-and-play simplicity combined with its unmatched speed and acro abilities make this an amazingly fun drone to fly for intermediate and expert pilots. It represents the cutting edge of pre-built FPV drones today.

We can’t wait to see how iFlight pushes the performance envelope even further in future Nazgul models!

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