LDARC X43 Review: Why is This Mini RC Rock Crawler So Powerful?

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Reviewed by Kristen Ward

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RC cars come in all shapes and sizes these days, but few pack as much capability into such a tiny package as the LDARC X43 micro crawler. Measuring just 93 grams, this 1/43 scale radio controlled vehicle crawls over obstacles like a champ thanks to features like four-link suspension, a powerful micro motor and ultra grippy tires.

In this hands-on review, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything that makes the X43 tick. We’ll test it over rocks, through mud and up steep slopes to see how this micro machine performs. Read on to see if the LDARC X43’s diminutive size matches its mighty crawling talents!

Unboxing the X43

The first thing you notice about the LDARC X43 is its smart packaging. The miniature R/C vehicle arrives in a foam lined box keeping it safe and secure. Once unpacked, the X43’s quality is immediately apparent despite its small size.

Let’s take a quick tour of what’s included:

  • LDARC X43 micro crawler
  • 2.4GHz pistol grip transmitter
  • USB charging cable
  • Set of tools including screwdrivers and wrenches
  • Printed manual
  • Spare accessory pack including light covers and license plates

It’s great to see extras like tools and spare parts included even on a budget-friendly model like this. The detailed manual is also a nice touch often skipped on R/C vehicles at this low price point.

Compact Transmitter with Useful Features

The included 2.4GHz transmitter may be small, but it doesn’t skimp on functionality. The pistol-grip style unit fits comfortably in the hand and has easy to reach controls including:

  • Steering trim dial
  • Multi-level dual rate adjustment
  • Throttle reversing switch
  • Indicator lights for battery level and signal strength

You’ll want to unwrap and unfold the antenna before use, but otherwise it’s ready to control the X43 straight out of the box thanks to bound-from-factory operation.

Having the option to reduce steering throw could come in very handy for delicate crawling maneuvers. The ability to reverse the throttle channel also helps when retrieving the rig after a rollover without having to physically turn it around.

Detailed Scale Looks in a Micro Package

Inspecting the 1/43 scale LDARC X43 itself, the detail present despite its 3 inch length is remarkable. Painted silver bumpers, mirror housings and door handles look appropriately scale as do functions like opening doors and hood.

Tiny touches like a spare tire, side steps, roof rack and even a microscopic CB antenna add realism. Molded side vents, taillights and Land Rover badging complete the appearance of a miniaturized off-roader.

The included extra light covers and license plates may seem almost impossibly small, but they can be fitted using the provided tools. Further customization is possible by applying any standard 1/43 decals if desired.

Built for Slow Speed Stability

As impressive as its appearance is though, performance matters most in an RC rock crawler. Let’s look at how the X43 is equipped to balance power and control at low speeds:

Four Link Suspension

Equal length links all around allow the solid axles to articulate for increased grip and stability. Coilover shocks provide dampening and flex for scrambling over obstacles.

Micro Size, Servo Powered

An impressively tiny steering servo develops enough torque to point the front wheels exactly where you need them. Slow, precise steering movement is key to finding traction and picking a line.

Geared Transmission

Efficient geared transmission mixes versatility and control. Able to creep along but with enough grunt to power the micro machine as needed.

Sticky Rubber Tires

Super soft and grippy tires measure under an inch across but flex and conform to surfaces. Combined with fully independent suspension movement, they hug terrain tenaciously.

Tough Steel Frame

A rigid frame and composite upper body offer durability and resilience to absorb impacts. Despite its minuscule dimensions, the X43 is built to take abuse.

This capable package of scale looks combined with performance tuning for traction and articulation makes for one sturdy little crawler! Now let’s see how it actually handles climbing.

LDARC X43 Crawling Test

To try out the LDARC X43’s climbing talents, I set up a scrap wood and cardboard obstacle course to simulate rocky terrain. Starting with gradual slopes before moving to more sheer faces, here’s what went down:

Easy Does It

Cruising onto the first low angled slope, I barely touch the throttle to let the X43 pick its way along. The geared transmission offers smooth, modulated forward motion. Turning the wheels left and right, servo torque rotates them with precision.

Steeper Challenge

Approaching a steeper section of slanted cardboard, I edge forward while turning the wheels to steer the X43’s path. Flex of the independent suspension allows all four rubber tires to maintain solid downward pressure as the grade increases.

Rocky Road

As the course transitions to stacks of scrap lumber arranged into rock shapes I leave the transmitter’s steering dual rate on high sensitivity. This requires only small inputs to pivot the front wheels and pick my way over and around the obstacles.

Up The Wood Pile

For a final challenge I position the X43 at the base of jumbled pile of timber scraps rising over 10 inches high. Crawling methodically over the scattered chunks I fight for traction and seek out grip. Eventually as the summit draws within reach power begins to wane.

With the top tantalizingly close, the micro motor strains and starts slipping. Reversing down I decide to call it conquered, even if reaching the peak eluded me this time!

Testing Observations & Impressions

Getting quality run time with the LDARC X43, a few attributes stood out:

Easy Control at Low Speed

Whether creeping over rocks or crawling up inclines, the 2.4Ghz pistol grip transmitter provides precise command of speed and steering. Dual rate adjustment allows fine tuning steering response as needed.

Stable Slow Speed Handling

Combination of suspended axles, damped shocks and grippy rubber tires enables the X43 to stay composed climbing over irregular terrain. Carefully throttling up maintains equilibrium.

Surprising Capability

Given its ultra compact dimensions, the performance potential of the LDARC X43 is downright remarkable. Observing its nimble articulation and steady ascending of obstacles makes you forget just how tiny it really is!

Resilient Construction

Inevitable tumbles and rolls that would easily break delicate decor models or desktop toys don’t faze the rugged X43. This machine may be miniature but it’s built tough as nails.

For anyone skeptical that an R/C vehicle so small could truly tackle rough terrain, the LDARC X43 proves good things come in tiny packages!

Pros & Cons

After extensive testing here’s a quick rundown of some of the LDARC X43’s best attributes along with areas that could stand improvement:


  • Extremely scale detailed body & chassis
  • Surprisingly capable articulated suspension
  • Powerful steering servo
  • Stable at low speeds
  • Quality transmitter with useful features
  • Strong overall construction
  • Complete package ready to run


  • Tiny size makes outdoors use questionable
  • More ground clearance would be beneficial
  • Upgraded tires could enhance traction
  • Brushed motor less efficient than brushless

Considering its affordable price though, the X43 delivers tremendous functionality and fun in a palm sized R/C package!

Final Impressions

It’s flat out astounding what performance LDARC has packed into the 1/43 scale X43 platform. This micro machine crawls at slow speeds with eerily scale realism and competence. Chassis construction feels reassuringly solid with quality components throughout.

The included transmitter, tools and accessories demonstrate an impressive commitment to completeness. For R/C fans wanting to experience realistic rock crawling indoors or out in a tiny, easily transportable package the X43 is a top notch choice.

Thanks to its smart engineering this mighty micro crawler punches far above its sub 100 gram weight! If you’re searching for an unusually tiny truck that wheels like a champ, the LDARC X43 earns a big recommendation!

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