MJX Hyper Go 14209 Review: Why is My Favorite RC Car?

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Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start finalizing your gift list! If you have a remote control car enthusiast in your life (or want to treat yourself), then the new Hyper Go RC car from MJX is one you’ll definitely want to consider.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a hands-on look at the features and performance of this impressive, affordable RC to help you decide if it deserves a spot under the tree this year.

Overview of the MJX Hyper Go 14209 RC Car

MJX is a relatively new player in the RC car space, but they’ve made quite the entrance with a lineup of durable, fast bashers that punch above their price point. Their latest release is the Hyper Go, an 1/10 scale buggy combining the best elements of their previous on- and off-road offerings.

Right out of the box, the Hyper Go makes a great first impression with its bright candy apple red finish. The composite chassis reminds me a lot of the Traxxas Slash, while the angular body and integrated LED light bar give it an aggressive, high-end look.

It sits on a set of true off-road tires wrapped around black 5-spoke wheels. MJX also includes a second set of directional wheels and tires better suited for high speed runs. More on that later!

Underneath the sleek exterior are the components that make this basher tick:

  • Brushless 3300Kv motor
  • Waterproof 30A ESC with cooling fan
  • High torque steering servo
  • Oil-filled aluminum shocks (4)
  • Adjustable turnbuckles and shock mounts
  • Full ball bearings
  • Front and rear gear differentials
  • Durable composite chassis and gears
  • 7.4V 3000mAh LiPo battery and charger included

In short, it’s a spec list you’d expect to see on a model costing 2-3x more. Clearly MJX didn’t cut any corners engineering this little beast!

Unboxing the Hyper Go RC

Rather than a fancy retail box, my test unit arrived in a plain brown carton to help MJX keep costs down. But everything inside was neatly packed with molded foam protectors securing the truck and components in place.

Here’s an overview of what comes included out of the box:

  • Assembled Hyper Go truck
  • 7.4V 3000mAh 2S LiPo battery
  • AC balance charger
  • Tactic-style pistol grip transmitter (3 channel)
  • Bag of replacement hardware and springs
  • Hex driver wrench and wheel wrench
  • Alternate set of wheels and tires
  • Instruction manual

As I removed each piece for inspection, it became clear that MJX didn’t cut corners on quality either. All of the components felt solid in my hands, with precisely machined metal parts and sturdy composites throughout.

Features and Details

With the box contents laid out, it was time to take a closer look at the design and engineering behind the Hyper Go.

The composite chassis reminds me a lot of the Traxxas Slash and RPM designs. It forms a rigid backbone for all the components to mount to, protecting them from bottom impacts while allowing the suspension to flex freely.

MJX went with a simple 3-channel control layout to make the Hyper Go easy for beginners to pick up. The pistol grip transmitter is ergonomic and comfortable in my medium-sized hands.

The steering wheel controls the front wheels as you’d expect. Pushing the trigger forward engages throttle, with a detent at 50% throw for novice mode. This cuts power in half, slowing things down to a more manageable speed while learning.

Opening up the battery compartment reveals the included 7.4V 2S LiPo pack. It’s an “Angry Snail” branded 3000mAh battery which is quite generous for this class. Expect 15+ minutes of runtime even driving aggressively.

There’s ample room to fit larger capacity 3S packs if you want maximum speed and acceleration. Just be mindful of runtimes dropping to 5 minutes or less!

Further disassembly shows the quality components used throughout the drivetrain. The waterproof ESC gets cooling airflow from a built-in fan, as does the 3300Kv brushless motor.

Metal outdrives contain full ball bearings for efficiency, while composite spur and pinion gears transfer power to metal differentials front and rear. It’s impressive engineering for the price point!

The all metal shock bodies house smooth operating pistons submerged in oil, with threaded preload collars for ride height adjustment. Swaybars front and rear tame chassis roll, helping traction when cornering hard.

Up front, a fast high-torque servo handles steering duties admirably. Turnbuckles let you tweak alignment, and the dual wishbone suspension keeps all four tires planted even over rough terrain.

One last upgrade that departs from typical budget RCs is the use of universal CV axle driveshafts on all four corners. Constant Velocity joints smooth out steering and soak up big jumps better than simple dogbone shafts you usually see. Just further proof MJX went the extra mile designing the Hyper Go!

Driving Impressions

With touring and inspection complete, it was finally time to send some power to the wheels! I started with the included 2S LiPo battery for a shakedown run to test all the functions.

Throttle: Smooth, consistent acceleration from a stop makes the Hyper Go easy to control. It starts slowly in novice mode, building speed linearly as you depress the trigger further. Flipping out of training mode unleashes the full fury of the brushless motor, pinning me back into the seat as it rockets forward!

Steering: Surprisingly precise thanks to the fast steering servo and proper geometry. Minimal slop or play even at full throw. High speed stability is excellent too thanks to the extended wheelbase.

Suspension: The oil filled shocks and swaybars front and rear did a great job absorbing cracks and bumps in the tarmac, keeping the tires planted for traction. Landings were well-controlled too, with minimal nose diving or bouncing.

Tires: The directional tires are best suited to high speed runs, gripping well on pavement while providing some side bite for tight cornering. The deep lugs on the alternate “off road” tires deliver much better traction on loose surfaces.

After getting comfortable with the 2S power level, I charged up a 3S 5000mAh pack from my parts bin to unleash the brushless beast!

True to form, the speed and acceleration ramped up substantially on 3S. Whining angrily under full throttle, the Hyper Go tore down my cul-de-sac hitting an indicated 39 mph before running out of room!

I headed out to my usual off road bashing spot to let the suspension stretch its legs. Despite bottoming out harshly from big air several times, the tough composite chassis didn’t suffer any cracks.

After scraping mud and leaves off the undercarriage, I swapped on the optional “off road” tires for even better traction. Their deeper, more open tread design clawed through the loose top soil surprisingly well.

The softer sidewalls didn’t balloon excessively either, providing better biting edges for digging in while cornering. Testing them out with lengthy drifting sessions proved very controllable and a ton of fun!

All in all, the Hyper Go handled everything I threw at it like a champ. MJX really nailed the geometry, suspension settings, and tires to deliver a versatile driving experience. Novices can crawl and climb at low speeds, while advanced drivers will love the sheer power unleashed by 3S LiPo packs.

Final Thoughts

Over the past few weeks of testing, I’ve been continually impressed by the performance and value the MJX Hyper Go brings to the table. It isn’t the prettiest truck out there, but the engineering and components are far beyond typical “budget RC” fare.

From the precisely machined metal shocks and driveshafts to the high torque servo and brushless power system, it’s built to take the abuse of hardcore RC enthusiasts. Yet it remains easy and forgiving enough for first-time hobby grade owners too.

About the only thing left to prove is long term durability. But initial results are very promising – even abusive driving on 3S only resulted in some scuffs and scrapes thus far.

So if you’re looking for exciting speed and handling without breaking the bank, be sure to put the MJX Hyper Go on your holiday wish list! At just $169, it would make the perfect gift for RC enthusiasts and bashing beginners alike.


  • Great handling and control
  • Impressive durability so far
  • High quality components throughout
  • Very quick on 3S LiPo power
  • Better traction and control than expected


  • No rear LED brake lights
  • Plain style body lacks visual flair
  • Unknown long term reliability

Buying Advice

Shopping for quality RC cars while sticking to a budget can be tricky. You end up sacrificing performance and durability buying no-name Chinese brands just to save a few bucks.

Thankfully, the rise of companies like MJX prove that’s no longer necessary. Their Hyper Go costs more than generic hobby grade “toys”, but still a fraction of high-end hobby RC brands.

You simply won’t find an RC packing these premium speed parts at this price point:

  • Brushless motor & waterproof ESC
  • Metal geared differentials
  • Oil filled aluminum shocks
  • Servo saver steering
  • High torque steering servo
  • Multiple tire options

In my opinion, the Hyper Go hits the sweet spot combining durability, performance and price into one neat package perfect for bashing.

What if the Hyper Go costs too much?

While $169 is quite affordable compared to pro-grade RCs, I know that can still stretch some holiday budgets.

Luckily, MJX produces several lower priced models sharing the same quality engineering in more affordable packages:

MJX Clover 2wd Buggy

If you’re really strapped for cash around $100, check out the Clover. It still packs brushless power, a tough chassis, long run times and good speeds for having a blast without breaking the bank.

MJX Bugs 5W Baja Buggy

The Bugs 5W buggy skips fancy materials to drop cost, but actually drives surprisingly well. It’s slower than the Hyper Go but extra durable, perfect for young kids or RC driving practice before moving to something faster.

MJX off road trucks

MJX produces several scaler monster trucks around $120 featuring nice details, LED lights and functional 4wd drivetrains. While not performance oriented per se, they look awesome crawling over obstacles!

Key Takeaways

Hopefully this in-depth review gave you a better idea of how well engineered the new MJX Hyper Go RC basher is.

It really raises expectations of what budget-minded hobbyists should expect from an RTR model under $200. Brushless power, CV axle driveshafts, metal shocks…parts you’d expect costing upwards of $400 in years past.

Yet the Hyper Go isn’t just well spec’d – it also drives incredibly well beyond what the humble price suggests. Nimble handling, high traction, durable materials, it’s an incredibly fun truck perfect for backyard bashing or your first race rig.

So when making up this season’s gift list for the RC fans in your life (or compiling ideas to show Santa yourself), be sure the MJX Hyper Go earns a top spot. At just $169 it over-delivers performance that will put smiles on faces Christmas morning!

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