RadioMaster Boxer Max Radio Review: Is it Better?

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Reviewed by Kristen Ward

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I’m a massive fan of the RadioMaster Boxer radio. In my opinion, it’s the perfect radio for FPV pilots.

Because RadioMaster seems to have listened to common complaints about radios and addressed them in the Boxer. Since its release, we’ve seen the original Boxer, a transparent edition, and some special editions like the Rotor Riot one.

Now, we have the new Boxer Max editions from RadioMaster which integrate the AG01 hall gimbals and have many nice features from other Max line.

In this post, I’ll share my thoughts after using the Boxer Max for a few months, and explain what has changed from the original Boxer.

For more details on the original Boxer, check out my full RadioMaster Boxer review here. I tear down the radio and examine it in more detail.

Unboxing the Boxer Max

What you get in the Boxer Max box is similar to the original Boxer. It comes in a nice carry case that includes:

  • The radio
  • A silicon gimbal protector
  • A RadioMaster carry strap
  • Boxer Max keychain
  • USB cable for firmware updates
  • Bag with extra springs and tools
  • Screen protector

The model RadioMaster sent me is the gold version. It looks absolutely phenomenal—more on that later.

Detailed Look at the Upgrades on the Boxer Max

Alright, let’s dig into what exactly has changed and been upgraded on the Boxer Max compared to the original:

Premium Materials and Finishes

The most obvious change is the use of high quality materials and finishes like anodized aluminum, real carbon fiber, and leather. This gives the Max a luxurious feel.

Specific upgrades:

  • Anodized aluminum buttons, switches, and pots
  • Carbon fiber front faceplate
  • Leather side grips
  • Integrated gold aluminum kickstand

The fit and finish is truly impressive and a big step up from the standard plastic shell. While not everyone will care for the gold bling, you can also get the Max in more subdued colors like red and black.

Integrated AG01 Gimbals

The Max comes pre-installed with RadioMaster’s AG01CNC aluminum gimbals right out of the box. These are some of the smoothest and most precise gimbals in the hobby.

Having owned the AG01 gimbals on my OG Boxer, I can confirm they are buttery smooth while still retaining the perfect amount of spring tension. This makes the sticks feel incredibly locked in and precise.

The AG01 usually sell for $60+ as an aftermarket upgrade, so getting them pre-installed is a nice bonus!

Improved Ergonomics

Beyond just looking nicer, the materials upgrades also improve the ergonomics of the radio.

The anodized aluminum pots have deeper flutes for better grip, especially when wearing FPV goggles. The adjustable kickstand provides more angle options for comfort. And the leather side grips feel great in the hand.

Small tweaks like the taller joystick shafts give you more precision authority over inputs as well.

Overall, the Boxer Max feels fantastic to hold and operate for long periods of time.

New Color Screen

The Max swaps the stock OLED monochrome display for a crisp 1.54″ color TFT screen.

This allows for more vivid graphics and custom themes that really pop. While not a game changer, the color screen is a nice upgrade over the stock display.

Future Proof Design

Under the hood, the core hardware and architecture remains the same between the standard Boxer and Max. And I think that’s smart.

The Boxer was already at the cutting edge of performance and capability. By retaining that solid foundation of ExpressLRS, OpenTX, etc. the Max remains future proof and relevant.

RadioMaster wisely focused the upgrades on aesthetics and ergonomics rather than messing with the core of what already made the Boxer so good. This gives the Max a long lifespan.

Flying with the Boxer Max

Okay, enough drooling over the looks and specs. Let’s talk about what it’s actually like to fly with the Boxer Max.

In a word – fantastic!

As mentioned, the core RF performance and capabilities remain unchanged from the OG Boxer. And that’s a good thing because the performance was already top notch.

The improved gimbals, ergonomics, buttons, and other refinement’s though do make a subtle but noticeable difference. Everything just feels more precise and locked in.

After flying various quads from racers to long range, the Boxer Max gives me the confidence to push my skills and handle any aircraft I strap it to.

Some more detailed thoughts:

Gimbals – the AG1 gimbals live up to their reputation. Incredibly smooth motion but still with enough tension for pixel perfect control. These are some of the nicest gimbals I’ve ever used.

Button Feel – the aluminum buttons, with their positive click and taller caps, make them easier to find by feel. No more hunting around.

Switches – they have a satisfying action now thanks to the metal nuts. Very crisp but not overly stiff.

Ergonomics – the shapes, contours, materials, and details like the kickstand come together to make the Boxer Max fit my hands like a dream.

Battery life – same excellent endurance as the stock Boxer, getting 8+ hours on a 6000mAh Li-ion pack. Never have to think about charging.

RF performance – no difference here as it’s still using the proven ExpressLRS system, but this radio squeezes every bit of performance possible out of it.

Even after countless battery packs flown, I’m still finding new little things I like about the Boxer Max every session. It’s a joy to fly with.

Final Thoughts

RadioMaster Boxer Max Radio

The Boxer Max comes pre-installed with AG01 hall gimbals, has up to 1W ExpressLRS output, and runs the open source EdgeTX operating system. In my opinion, it's one of the best FPV radios available today.

Does the RadioMaster Boxer Max live up to its “ultimate radio” hype?

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding YES!

It takes the already excellent Boxer and refines every detail further. The Max really has it all:

Performance and capability that matches (or beats) radios costing twice as much

  • Premium materials and build quality that look and feel awesome
  • Fantastic AG01 gimbals and ergonomics right out of the box
  • Easy customization via EdgeTX
  • Future proof ExpressLRS and Multi-Protocol Module bay

You’d have to spend $500+ on something like the TBS Tango 2 or Team Black Sheep Tango 2 Pro to get a clear upgrade over the RadioMaster Boxer Max.

For around $260, the RadioMaster Boxer Max offers an unbeatable mix of quality, features, and value. I really think this is as close to the perfect ready-to-fly FPV radio as you can get right now.

And with RadioMaster’s reputation for constant firmware updates and improvements, I’m confident the RadioMaster Boxer Max will remain a top choice for years to come.

Thanks again for reading, and fly safe! Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments.

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