Traxxas Slash 2WD Review: Is The Best RTR RC Truck in 2024?

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The Traxxas Slash stands as one of the most popular and iconic RC trucks ever made. As a versatile 2WD short course truck, it has proven itself time and time again as an amazing ready-to-run (RTR) option for RC enthusiasts of all skill levels. But what exactly makes the Slash so great? Why does it have such universal appeal in the RC world?

In this in-depth review, we’ll be taking an up-close look at the brushed 2WD Traxxas Slash to find out why it deserves its reputation as one of the best RTR RC trucks money can buy. We’ll unbox it, examine the included components, put it through various paces on different terrains, and provide feedback on its performance characteristics and durability. Whether you’re an RC novice considering the Slash for your first truck or an experienced hobbyist contemplating adding one to your collection, this review has all the details you need to decide if the iconic Slash is the right fit for you!

Overview of the Traxxas Slash

Before we get hands-on with the truck itself, let’s quickly summarize what the Traxxas Slash brings to the table:

  • 2WD short course racing truck configuration
  • Proven rugged design perfect for bashing
  • Versatile performance on many terrain types
  • Brushed power system provides good speed and acceleration
  • Waterproof electronics for all-weather durability
  • Upgradeable to brushless power down the road
  • Massive parts availability and aftermarket support
  • Ready to run out of the box – just add batteries!

So in a nutshell, you’re getting a great all-around basher truck that can also handle itself on a short course racing track. It’s fast enough to be exciting, yet controllable enough for RC beginners to learn. And the simple durability and maintenance of the brushed power system makes it the perfect hassle-free first RC truck. Let’s now take a closer look at everything included out of the box with the RTR Traxxas Slash.

Unboxing the 2WD Traxxas Slash

Right away upon opening the box, it’s clear Traxxas packed a ton of value into this ready-to-run package:

  • 1/10th scale 2WD Traxxas Slash short course truck
  • Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz 2-channel transmitter and receiver unit
  • Titan 12-turn 550 brushed motor
  • XL-5 waterproof ESC
  • 2075 high torque steering servo
  • 4 oil-filled shocks with adjustable preload collars
  • Modular chassis design with rugged composite construction
  • Durable front and rear bumpers designed for bashing
  • All metal-gear transmission and XL-5 ESC
  • Pro-Scale 2.2” talon tires mounted on white 5-spoke wheels
  • Customizable clear polycarbonate body shell with decals
  • Foam battery spacer for stability and weight balance
  • Comprehensive set of tools for repairs and adjustments
  • Decent owners manual with clear setup and use instructions

As expected, the Slash includes everything you’d want and need get running right away, minus the battery and charger. Traxxas definitely didn’t skimp on the quality here – all of the electronics, mechanics, and materials used appear durable and well-designed out of the gate.

Standout Components

Now let’s call attention to some of the standout components that enable the Slash to be such an impressive ready-to-run truck:

XL-5 Waterproof ESC

This speed control unit is appropriately named – it delivers good speed and acceleration from the Titan 12T motor while also offering nice drive control and throttle linearity. An excellent ESC for newcomers yet with performance to keep experienced hobbyists happy. The waterproof design ensures an added layer of all-weather protection.

2075 High Torque Steering Servo

To translate steering inputs into quick, precise directional changes, you need a quality servo. The 2075 servo included has plenty of torque and speed to provide exceptional steering response. Waterproof too!

Modular Chassis Design

Traxxas built the Slash around a modular chassis that’s designed specifically for the abuse of high-speed off-road bashing. It allows components to mount securely while still enabling sufficient flex to smooth out big jumps and hard landings. The durable plastic construction helps keep weight down while still ensuring ruggedness.

All Metal Internal Gear Transmission

To reliably transfer power from the motor to the wheels requires a transmission that can withstand extreme mechanical forces. The Slash’s all metal internal gears are built to handle 3S brushless power, meaning massive durability and upgradability down the road.

Pro-Scale Tires & Wheels

The officially licensed Pro-Scale Talon tires offer wide contact patches to bite nicely into loose dirt surfaces, with open shoulder treads to dig in when cornering. They also provide good sidewall stiffness for steering precision. The cool 5-spoke wheels complement the trucks well too.

In summary, Traxxas clearly built the Slash RTR truck around high-performance components able to withstand the demands of RC racing and extreme bashing alike. It’s great gear for the money. Now let’s move onto the exciting part – seeing how the legendary Slash actually handles!

Field Testing the 2WD Slash Performance

To push the Slash to its limits, I met up with some friends at a local RC park that offered a mix of terrains. From dusty trails to a short course track, we put the truck through a thorough evaluation session to experience the breadth of its capabilities. For all testing, I powered the rig with a 2S 5500mah 100C LiPo battery to give it some extra punch.

General Driving Dynamics

My very first lap around the park was revelatory – the Slash handles incredibly well! Light steering inputs translate smoothly into crisp direction changes thanks to the torquey 2075 servo. And the suspension soaks up bumps and ruts with ease, keeping the truck nicely planted.

At moderate throttle the Titan 12T motor provides brisk acceleration, with the traction control of the XL-5 ESC keeping wheel spin at bay. At top speed the Slash feels impressively stable and controllable considering its small size and rugged tires. Braking performance is strong too for quick stops or minor corrections. Overall just stellar out-of-the-box driving feel!

Bashing Performance

As expected, the Traxxas Slash is one heck of a machine when it comes to high-speed trail bashing! Its compact size lets you slingshot it through tight sections of the wooded trails with confidence. The long suspension travel and smooth damping of the shocks allow it to blast full throttle over rough terrain, soaring easily off jumps and small dirt kickers.

Hard landings occasionally bottom out the suspension but it never feels harsh or uncontrolled. The Slash just soaks up heavy impacts then bounces back to all fours, ready for more action thanks to the tough chassis and bumpers protecting components. And the extra rotational mass of the 2S LiPo adds stability to keep things in control when FASTER. The durability is seriously impressive!

Short Course Racing Performance

The Slash excels on short course tracks as well! Good acceleration zips it quickly off the starting line, then having traction control and steering precision for the mix of loose dirt and hard packed sections helps you stay tidy through the corners. The truck feels very balanced allowing nice drifts around bends but with sufficient grip to also rail berms if you hold your line.

The Titan motor has ample low-end grunt for good drive out of corners, then quickly revs up through the RPM range to continue accelerating down straightaways. Braking performance is strong when needed to help setup passes or avoid carnage after jumps. No question this rig captures the fun essence of short course racing right out of the box!

Conclusion on Driving Performance

Across all driving scenarios – from trails to race tracks – the Traxxas Slash delivers an amazing blend of speed, control and just plain FUN! It really is a jack of all trades basher. Traxxas engineers absolutely perfected the 2WD platform, achieving responsive handling for RC enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy. Durability so far seems bulletproof as well after some fairly extreme testing. Let’s now shift gears to examining pros and cons of truck ownership based on my firsthand experience.

Pros & Cons of Traxxas Slash Ownership

After getting extensive stick time behind the controller of the Slash 2WD, here are some clear pros and cons that emerged around what it’s like to own the truck:


  • Extremely versatile performance
  • Fast yet very controllable and easy to drive
  • Tough, durable construction built for bashing abuse
  • Waterproof electronics increase all-weather reliability
  • Massive aftermarket parts availability
  • Huge runway for upgrade potential
  • Backed by excellent Traxxas support network


  • Doesn’t include LiPo charger in box
  • Brushed motor will require occasional maintenance
  • Default pinion gearing leans conservative
  • Ready for upgrades so can get expensive

Let’s expand on the most important points:

Massive Aftermarket Support

Being arguably the most popular RC truck ever produced means aftermarket manufacturers have developed tons of hop-up parts to bring the Slash’s performance to the next level. From entire brushless power systems to chassis lightening kits and everything between – you name a conceivable upgrade and it likely exists for the Slash platform. This gives you room to grow as your skills progress.

Excellent Upgrade Path

That massive aftermarket also provides a clear path for upgrading your Slash over time. As mentioned you can drop-in powerful brushless systems whenever ready. Further down the road, you could convert the truck to 4WD or install a high torque digital servo. Maybe upgrade the shocks and chassis components too. The possibilities are endless so this truck truly can grow with you over time.

Traxxas Support Network

Having been in the RC game for over 30 years now, Traxxas has established an enormous supporter network for their products. This includes detailed documentation around repairs, setup and tuning, knowledgeable customer service, and thousands of local hobby shops stocking parts availability. You can rest assured help exists should any issues arise with your Slash.

Accessory Recommendations

To maximize enjoyment with your new Traxxas Slash 2WD, I recommend picking up a few handy accessories:

Spare Parts Assortment

From A-arms to driveshafts and everything between, having spares of key failure parts will reduce downtime from big crashes. Traxxas even offers convenient all-in-one spares kits.

LiPo Battery & Compatible Charger

While you can use old-school NiMH packs, I highly suggest investing in a quality LiPo setup. The extra punch, runtime and charging convenience are well worth it. Just confirm your included ESC is set to LiPo mode first.

RPM Front Bumper

The stock bumper is decent but I upgraded to RPM’s heavy duty front bumper to provide that extra level of bash-proofing for nose first impacts.

Aluminum Chassis Brace

This affordable upgrade stabilizes the chassis by reducing unwanted flex that can hinder handling precision. Recommended if planning any big brushless upgrades.

Review Summary & Final Impressions

After thoroughly testing and evaluating the 2WD Traxxas Slash firsthand, I can definitively say this legendary truck absolutely lives up to the hype. The smart engineering and proven RTR formula just plain work to create an incredibly fun basher. It truly succeeds in bringing RC fun and freedom to all driver skill levels.

Performance feels purpose built for steering newcomers down the right path in RC while still offering capabilities to capture experienced hobbyist’s attention too. Just so versatile and easy to have a blast with! Yet make no mistake – the Slash is also built Traxxas Tough to withstand abuse that would destroy rival rigs.

Factor in the massive parts and upgrade support from the brand as well as third party manufacturers and you have the perfect foundation for building a lifelong RC hobby. No wonder the Slash stands as world’s best selling RTR RC truck! So if you’re looking to dip your toes into RC with a great starter truck, or want a durable short course basher to add to the garage, this Slash comes highly recommended. Grab one today from Rochester RC using code BEYONDRC to save 5%!

I hope you found this hands-on Traxxas Slash review informative and helpful for determining if the iconic basher 2WD truck is right for you. Let me know if you have any other questions! In the meantime, stay tuned for more in-depth RC reviews and comparison articles coming soon.


After thoroughly test driving and evaluating the iconic Traxxas Slash firsthand, I can definitively say this legendary short course racing truck lives up to its world-class reputation. The proven formula that’s made it the best selling RTR rig of all time still feels fresh and effective years later.

Simply put, the Slash 2WD succeeds in delivering an amazing blend of durability, drivability and just plain fun suited for RC enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

So whether you’re an aspiring hobbyist looking for the perfect first truck to learn with, or a seasoned veteran wanting a tough no-frills basher, the Brushed Traxxas Slash checks all the boxes.

I’m happy to vouch that this RTR package absolutely earns its title as the best RC truck for the money. Grab one for yourself today and see what the hype is all about!

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